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Years of Transforming Steel into Structures, from Larnaca Cyprus to the World

Your Trusted Partner in Metal Constructions

Founded in 2000, GPM METAL LTD is a company located
in Larnaca, Cyprus, specializing in metal constructions,
that offers a wide range of services to industrial
manufacturers, nationally and abroad.

Our customer-oriented organisation, placing Customers’ satisfaction at the core of our business
decisions and handling. Our experienced and highly trained team is our highest guarantee. We
are continuously expanding, carrying out projects of high demands and specifications,
according to our client’s requirements.

The value of our human

is reflected in the quality of your constructions

Embracing Innovation

We are committed to ongoing investment in new technologies and the latest generation equipment. In this way, we are equipped to meet the demands of our customers efficiently, quickly, and with the highest quality. We have state-of-the-art equipment to optimize our productivity, flexibility, andmaximize quality.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our Foundation for Success

Always Customer-Oriented

Specialized Team

Our team of experienced engineers manages and executes design, procurement, construction, and installation processes for projects of any scale.

Adherence to Timelines

We prioritize time management and invest in meticulous planning to ensure precise execution, benefiting our clients and optimizing costs.

Customized Solutions

Our approach to managing construction challenges, regardless of project complexity, allows us to optimize time and cost by carefully designing various studies to shape and stabilize unique projects. We provide full supervision from design to project completion

Construction Cost

With 24 years of experience in complex steel-based constructions, we are able to propose cost-effective solutions in both production and construction, without compromising on safety and quality standards.


Our vision is to keep developing and improving our market position by investing in human resources, equipment, research, and development.


Being a customer-oriented company, we have achieved to gain our customers’ trust and we even expanded their expectations and we will continue to do that.

Your Ideas - Our Expertise

Let's Build Something Extraordinary Together!