Erection / Installation

At GPM METAL, our primary objective is to ensure that installation works are carried out in a safe, economical, and highly efficient manner. We prioritize the well-being and safety of our personnel, as well as the overall project success.

Customized Installation Solutions for Steelwork Projects

The method of installation is studied and planned per project, because the structural frames and other parts can be erected in various ways depending on the type of the project. GPM Metal Ltd has one of the largest fleets of machinery in Cyprus for the erection of steelwork, some of which are exceptional on the whole Island.

Installation is performed by a specialized skilled workforce with all required mechanical means (cranes, aerial platforms, etc). Senior engineer/s of our company supervise the whole process throughout its duration.

Key Best Practices for Successful Steelwork Installation

The structures must be planned to be unloaded and arranged close to the erection points. This precaution step is taken in order to avoid confusion on site by removing the structures and, moreover, to avoid any unexpected damages to paint and shapes caused by these removals.

Developing the erection, some pre-assembly of the steelwork might be undertaken in order to ensure the part–erected stability. Then, the assembly will be developed according to the project’s specification (bolted or welded). In cases that some parts will be assembled as bolted, these parts will be removed at a later stage.

Cranes are only released when all connection bolts are inspected for their tightness.

Safety Induction Training

All erector staff attends induction training prior to commencing work, where the supervisor engineer analyses to the participants the hazards and the risks of the project.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective equipment (PPE) is provided and its use is necessary. In case it is required roofing work, safety nets will be installed.

Shift Start with Safety Briefings

A meeting is held at the start of every shift in order to analyse the work to be done during that shift, the hazards involved and the controlmeasures in place to manage any risk.

INSPECTIONS: The performed works are closely monitored and inspected by our established quality systems

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