Due to the specificity of each construction and by always regarding the SAFETY of the staff involved and the effecient procedure for the valid completion of the works, our company will draw up the corresponding Construction Methodology before the start of any other work.

The staff involved in the erection is well trained and the use of the Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.) is always mandatory.

Under the supervision of the responsible engineer of the construction site by our company and after the necessary training of the staff, both for the erection methodology and for the Safety and Health Plan, the erection starts with the use of the necessary lifting equipment, both for materials and staff.

The work carried out is strictly monitored by the site engineer of our company, who is also responsible for the necessary inspections carried out at the constuction site: 

  • Check the correct positioning of the anchorages based on the drawings
  • Bolt tightening test based on prestressing force values by their respective manufacturer
  • Check the correct application of a fire dye stystem, which is applied
  • Quality Control of Painting System for any damages and fixing (Touch Up)

 The construction is completed by the delivery of the production from our company to the person responsible of the project and the completion of all the necessary, based on the quality system applied, which ensures that the work has been carried out based on all the technical specifications of the project.